Sydney Dermatologists – a list, with ordinary email addresses

Below is a list of 40 Sydney Dermatologists showing (1) an ordinary email address that can be used to contact them, and (2) their “Principal place of practice” and (3) the year they got their first medical qualifications, (to provide some indication as to their age,) (2) and (3) being as shown on the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency’s website – which may or may not be accurate. We hope to be adding to this number from time to time. And if any of our readers know of others who they think should be added to this list, please, please, let us know.

Agar, Nita, Dr: Camperdown. 1995.

Bannister, Michael, Dr: Manly. 1989.

Blaya Alvarez, Bruno, Dr: Westmead. 2004.

Cook, Natasha, Dr: Darlinghurst. 1995.

Damian, Diona, Professor: Camperdown. 1992.

Dawes-Higgs, Elizabeth, Dr: Northbridge. 1996.

Hannaford, Rodney, Dr: Mona Vale. 1979.

Harvey, Rhonda, Dr: Waterlo0. 1999.

Howes, Renae, Dr: Newtown. 2000.

10. Hogan, Peter, Dr: Penrith. 1983.

Huynh, Nghi, Dr: Rhodes. 1997.

Kapila, Shivam, Dr: Strathfield. 2006.

Kearney, Christopher Ramon, Dr: Bondi Junction. 1994.

Kho, Yong Chern, Dr: Randwick. 2010.

Kim, Burcu, Dr: Sydney CBD. 2009.

Lee, Stephen, Professor: Camperdown. 1974.

Leibowitz, Michael, Dr: Bondi Junction. 1971.

Lim, Adrian Cheok Kean, Dr: Sydney CBD. 1988.

Lim, Penny, Dr: Pymble. 1998.

20. Lipscombe, Tasman, Dr: Darlinghurst. 1991.

Loghdey, Saleem, Dr: Miranda. 1995.

Lowe, Patricia, Dr: Camperdown. 1989.

Ming, Andrew, Dr: Rhodes. 1997.

Murrell, Deirdre, Professor: Kensington. 1987.

Moreno, Gilberto, Dr: Waterlo0. 2003.

Nguyen, Roland, Dr: Five Dock. 1997.

Paddon, Vanessa, Dr: St Leonards. 2004.

Parsi, Kurosh, A/Prof.: Chatswood. 1993.

Patel, Anita, Dr: Bondi Junction. 1989.

30. Sagi, Lior, Dr: Kogarah. 2012.

Schaider, Helmut, Professor: Various. 1989.

Sebaratnam, Deshan, Dr: Westmead. 2010.

Sinclair, Sue, Dr: Bondi Junction. 1980.

Venugopal, Supriya, Dr: North Sydney. 2006.

Wallace, Brian, Dr: Westmead. 2005.

Wheeler, Lizbeth, Dr: Kogarah. 2002.

Whitfeld, Margot, Dr: St Leonards. 1985.

Wines, Nina, Dr: Northbridge. 1996.

Wittal, Richard, Dr: Beecroft. 1983.

40. Zagarella, Samuel, A/Prof.: Ashfield. 1985.

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