Ramsay Health – dealing with

Ramsay Healthcare’s Australian website – www.ramsayhealth.com.au.

Typical Ramsay Healthcare stuff! As an ordinary email address for them couldn’t be found, an attempt was made to use their email form to send them this.

But even their email form couldn’t be used unless a valid phone number was provided!!!??? – see below.

And 4 attempts were made to submit the same message each including a different phone number, all in constant use and so all valid, and each time we got, “The value of the Phone Number field is not valid!!!”

As we say, typical Ramsay stuff!

It shows how desperate Ramsay are to avoid getting any emails from anyone about anything, that their email form includes software that purports to check if phone numbers that are provided are valid, (which we’ve never found anyone else to do,) – and, if that’s not enough, it appears that it doesn’t do that at all, that it’s just a deceptive trick.

Presumably it’s because they don’t have any one in their employ who’s job it is to provide responses to anybody about anything.

In more than ten years of working on liasing  with health care organisations, we have always found Ramsay to be the worst.

Why are organisations like Ramsay like this? It would seem to be all about money – they hope they can operate successfully without the expense of employing people who really provide responses to their patients’s concerns, and we, the people, often allow this to happen.

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