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A 11 Apr. 2019 update.

To me, this paragraph.

should read like this.

Dr Common Sense discovered RMN then developed Powder Medicine Dispensers to give personalised convenient doses at a low cost. See these videos. He answers questions in the Comments Sections under the videos. See Drs Bihari, Mercola & Cowan in this video and this video. Dr Bihari discovered Low Dose Naltrexone in New York. 90 dose RMN Dispensers Are $US22.50/$A31.50 post-free worldwide through

except that the abbreviation RMN shouldn’t be used – but I’ve forgotten what RMN stands for again!

Incidentally, when I click on this link, I’m advised that “This channel does not exist.” ZRISX5Izg/videos

and when I click on these two links, I’m advised that, “Video unavailable.” f9k

and I’ve tried really hard to copy them exactly.

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