More about is for those who believe, as we do, that those who have ordinary email addresses readily available and who provide reasonably helpful responses to emails sent to them, are more likely:-

(1) To be into communication – many doctors and others are not into communication when you’re sitting right in front of them.

(2) To stand behind what they do and say.

(3) To be helpful if you have any problems or difficulties after you start using them.

It’s aim is to help people locate, particularly medical practices and practitioners like this as quickly as possible by letting readers know of our experiences. (Of course, you never have to go by our experiences – you can always email them yourself.)

But suppose you need an Ear, Nose & Throat specialist, there may be 100 of them in Sydney, and in our experience not more than about 20% of these are going to be really helpful, and using the search facilities on the blog, you can quickly locate each of them and how we have got on in dealing with them. (Of course it’s going to take considerable time before all of such names and details are added – but even if we’ve only got round to putting 10 names and details up, it may help.)

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