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Japara’s website – japara.com.au.

From their website.

On Wed. 3 Jul. 2019, at 1.25 pm, Japara’s email form, (an ordinary email address for them couldn’t be found,) was used to make an enquiry. Virtually straight away, an automated response was received, the relevant part of which is this.

To give credit where credit is due, this automated response includes the text of what was sent to them, which often doesn’t happen – we HATE it when automated responses don’t do this, which is mostly what happens, especially with Government organisations, like the NSW HCCC etc. etc. All you get is an acknowledgement that an email has been received, but nothing about what’s in the email.

When we’re forced to use an email form, we always include the details of when it was sent, as we have on this occasion.

An ordinary email address was used to provide this response to us – noreply@japara.com.au – indicating that it can’t be used by us in the future.

Having sent Japara an enquiry as we’ve described above, we got this response less than hours later – at 3.16 pm???!!!

And this time from an ordinary email address – Nicole.Anderson@japara.com.au – that CAN be used in the future???!!!

The world is changing!

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