Ear Nose and Throat Practices – Sydney


CHRIS O’BRIEN LIFEHOUSE ws: http://www.shnci.org oea: shnci@lh.org.au Dr Anthony Clifford, Dr Kerwin Shannon, A/Prof. Jonathan Clark,  A/Prof.  Michael Elliot,  A/Prof. Carsten Palme,  A/Prof. Sydney Ch’ng.  (6) CAMPERDOWN.

ENT INSTITUTE ws: www.entinstitute.com.au oea: reception@entinstitute.com.au Dr Niranajan Sritharan, Dr Vanaja Siva. (2) PENRITH.

MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL ENT ws: muh.org.au/services-specialties/orl-head-and-neck-surgery oea: reception@muh.org.au Dr Geoffrey Wilcsek, Dr Andrew Wignall, Dr Mark Smith, Prof. Raymond Sacks, Dr Faruque Riffat, Dr Sivasubramaniam Rahuram, A/Prof. Normal Patel, A/Prof. Carsten Palme, A/Prof. Yuresh Naidoo, Dr John McGuinness, Dr Hubert Low, Dr Jennifer Lee, Dr Tony Kuo, Dr Jonathon Kong, Prof. Richard Harvey, Dr Julia Crawford, Dr Phillip Chang, Dr Raewyn Campbell, Dr Niell Boustred, A/Prof. Catherine Birman, Dr Michael Barakate, Dr Arjuna Ananda. (22) EPPING.

SCENT – SYDNEY CENTRE FOR EAR NOSE & THROAT ws: www.sydneycentreent.com.au oea: info@sydneycentreent.com.au Dr Megan Hobson, Dr Alexander Saxby, Dr Nicholas Stow. (3) FRENCHS FOREST.

SHIRE FAMILY ENT ws: shirefamilyent.com.au oea: entreception@bigpond.com Dr Andrew Bridger, Dr Edward Smith, Dr Sean Flanagan, Dr Justine Millar, Dr Ian Cole, Dr Robert Payten. (6) MIRANDA.

ST VINCENTS CLINIC pw: https://www.stvincentsclinic.com.au/find-a-doctor/specialties/otolaryngology-head-and-neck-surgery-ent oea: stvincentsclinic@svha.org.au A/Prof. Nigel Biggs, A/Prof. Ron Bova, Dr Phillip Chang, Dr Ian Cole, Prof. Paul Fagan, A/Prof. Richard Gallagher, Dr Georgina Harris (7) DARLINGHURST.

SYDNEY EAR NOSE & THROAT CLINIC ws: sydneyentclinic.com oea: sean@sydneyentclinic.com Prof. Richard Harvey, Dr Julia Crawford, Dr Sean Flanagan. (3) DARLINGHURST, MIRANDA.

THE ENT CENTRE ws: theentcentre.com.au oea: reception@theentcentre.com.au  Prof. Raymond Sacks, Dr Niell Boustred, Dr Bill Johnston, A/Prof. Yuresh Naidoo, Dr Raewyn Campbell. (5) HORNSBY.


DOCTOR’S OWN PERSONAL WEBSITE ws: drananda.com.au oea: info@drananda.com.au  Dr Arjuna ANANDA. BURWOOD, CAMPBELLTOWN.

DOCTOR’S OWN PERSONAL WEBSITE ws: www.ent-surgery.com.au oea: reception@muh.org.au Dr Michael BARAKATE. RANDWICK, AUBURN, EPPING.

DOCTOR’S OWN PERSONAL WEBSITE ws: entthyroid.com.au oea: bovareception@stvincents.com.au  Dr Ron BOVA. DARLINGHURST.

DOCTOR’S OWN PERSONAL WEBSITE ws: drchoroomi.com.au oea: info@drchoroomi.com.au Dr Sim CHOROOMI. BONDI JUNCTION, CONCORD, BANKSTOWN.

DOCTOR’S OWN PERSONAL WEBSITE: ws: drjuliacrawford.com.au oea: reception@drjuliacrawford.com.au Dr Julia CRAWFORD. DARLINGHURST.

DOCTOR’S OWN PERSONAL WEBSITE ws: www.entwest.com.au oea: chris.entwest@optusnet.com.au A/Prof. Melville DA CRUZ. WESTMEAD.

DOCTOR’S OWN PERSONAL WEBSITE: ws: www.drmichaelelliott.com.au oea: contact@drmichaelelliott.com.au A/Prof. Michael ELLIOTT. NEWTOWN, CROWS NEST.

DOCTOR’S OWN PERSONAL WEBSITE ws: www.allanforrest.com.au oea: drallanforrest@gmail.com Dr Allan FORREST. DEE WHY.

DOCTOR’S OWN PERSONAL WEBSITE ws: www.richardgallagher.com.au oea: surgery@richardgallagher.com.au A/Prof. Richard GALLAGHER. DARLINGHURST.

DOCTOR’S OWN PERSONAL WEBSITE ws: sydneyentclinic.com oea: enquiries@sydneyentclinic.com Prof. Richard HARVEY. DARLINGHURST, NORTH RYDE, KENSINGTON.

DOCTOR’S OWN PERSONAL WEBSITE ws:  www.earnosethroat.com.au oea: enquiries@earnosethroat.com.au Prof. Thomas HAVAS. BONDI JUNCTION, NORTH SYDNEY, KOGARAH.

DOCTOR’S OWN PERSONAL WEBSITE ws: drnicholasjufas.com.au oea: nicholas.jufas@sydney.edu.au Dr Nicholas JUFAS. GLADESVILLE, NEUTRAL BAY.

DOCTOR’S OWN PERSONAL WEBSITE ws:  www.sinuscentre.com oea: info@sinuscentre.com Prof. Larry KALISH. EDGECLIFFE.

DOCTOR’S OWN PERSONAL WEBSITE ws:  innerwestent.com.au oea: innerwestent@email.com BDr Smariti KAPILA. BURWOOD, SYDNEY CBD.

DOCTOR’S OWN PERSONAL WEBSITE: ws: www.earsurgeon.com.au oea: contact@earsurgeon.com.au Dr Jonathan KONG. CROWS NEST.

DOCTOR’S OWN PERSONALWEBSITE: ws: entcaresydney.com.au oea : p.mukerjee@entcaresydney.com.au  Dr Payal MUKHERJEE. WAHROONGA, BURWOOD.

DOCTOR’S OWN PERSONAL WEBSITE ws: drhannahnorth.com oea: contact@ents.com.au Dr Hannah NORTH. BELLA VISTA.

DOCTOR’S OWN PERSONAL WEBSITE ws: www.svas.com.au oea: info@svas.com.au Dr Daniel NOVAKOVIC. ST LEONARDS, DRUMMOYNE.

DOCTOR’S OWN PERSONAL WEBSITE ws: www.carstenpalme.com oea: ent@specialistservices.com.au Dr Carsten PALME. BELLA VISTA, CAMPERDOWN, PORT MACQUARIE.

DOCTOR’S OWN PERSONAL WEBSITE ws: www.drfriffat.com oea: faruque.riffat@sydney.edu.au Dr Faruque RIFFAT. BELLA VISTA.

DOCTOR’S OWN PERSONAL WEBSITE ws: www.ents.com.au oea: contact@ents.com.au Dr Narinder SINGH. BELLA VISTA, WESTMEAD.

DOCTOR’S OWN PERSONAL WEBSITE: ws: www.entandhearing.care oea: entreception@iinet.net.au Dr Edward SMITH. ANNANDALE, MIRANDA.

DOCTOR’S OWN PERSONAL WEBSITE ws: www.wignallent.com.au oea: reception@denistone52ent.comau Dr Andrew WIGNALL. EASTWOOD.

DOCTOR’S OWN PERSONAL WEBSITE ws: drzacharia.com.au oea: info@drzacharia.com.au Dr Michael ZACHARIA. DOUBLE BAY.

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