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On Thu. 27 Jun. 2019 @ 2.40 pm, this enquiry was sent to Bupa Aged Care, using the email form on their website.

To our astonishment, this response was received within 49 minutes.

We’ve been working on interfacing with health care professionals and health care professional organisations for more than 10 years now, and to us, this email is amongst the most significant emails we’ve got in all those 10 years! Why you may ask? Because it indicates a COMPLETE change around by one of the large health care professional organisations – only a few months ago, we did SO much work in relation to an incident which was claimed to have happened in Bupa’s retirement home at Eden – it was said that one of it’s residents had to be taken to hospital because blowfly maggots were eating into his head! And we got nowhere! – either with the retirement home at Eden or Bupa’s top management. And now we get a courteous email from Bupa’s top management providing us and our readers with an ordinary email address that can be used by those who have any concerns about that sort of thing.

Of course, it’s yet to be seen how much Ms Rossi would come good on her undertaking to follow up on complaints made to her, but it’s such a promising start.

Incidentally, in relation to the blowfly maggots incident, at the same time we also found the Australian Government’s new Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission equally hopeless – a typical Government organisation, almost laughingly useless, like the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission.

Of course, we’re always saying how much we believe that responses to emails sent to them provide reliable indications as to which people and organisations are the best to deal with, and we hope that, as time allows, we can email other aged care organisations to see how their responses compare with the one we’ve got from Bupa.

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